Monday, February 22, 2010

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is being noted here not for the diverse accolades he's received (COTY '70, Neiman-Marcus Service Award '71, CFDA Humanitarian Award '98) but, for making sense out of the worn out diatribe, "What does a modern man wear?." Dressing the quintessential gentleman and those that aspire to appear as such, Ralph Lauren draws inspiration from a bygone era. Today, his sense of elegance and refinement puts the "C" in 'Cool!' Without the typical fanfair of a "big runway show circus," he is said to be the benchmark by which many derive the answer to "What does a modern man wear?." At Ralph Lauren/POLO, classics such as the Blue Blazer, wool slacks, and the polo shirt, are tweaked and made 'do able' even for the 21st Century. The Duke of Windsor, Fred Astair, and Miles Davis are deftly referenced to in POLO's Purple Label custom-made suit collection, his perky English Madder Ties, and butter soft leather demi-boots. Just recently, Mr. Lauren received yet another accolade, "Chevalier de la Legion d'honneur" presented by French President Nicolas Sarkozy (Paris). Polo by Ralph Lauren leads not by making a big splashy point, but by being T-H-E reference point! Sublime!