Thursday, July 26, 2012

Scott Shuman ("The Sartorialist): my favorite blogger

Listen, Scott Schuman does 'it" better than anyone!!!!  He captures the sublime!!!  And, naturally I can DIG IT!!!!  He and glorified posts can be located in a town near you...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Simply Me!

I am NOT a "Shibboleth" (stereotype)

(1).   I'm of African and French Canadian descent:  "Greetings and Salutations, mon cheri!"
(2).   I'm the author of this perspicacious blog and I'd rather visit a dusty bookstore than dine on Beluga Caviar. 
(3).   I'm the son of two dynamic individuals that reared me to 'digest' a world larger-than-life! 
(4).   I partidipate in politics (the 13th and 15th Amendments to the US Constitution were written expressly for me). 
(5).    I'm a Bible-believing Apostolic 
(6).    I know how to box and will!
(7).    I use chopsticks with blithe ease (LOL!)
(8).    I've earned the right to wear a Rolex, but I swear by SWATCH (watches). 
(9)   I know the history of every college I've ever attended.
(10).  I rep for the underdog (I support the Royal Family for not telling Diana's secrets)
(11) I WILL wear lime green socks with a dinner suit.
(12).  I can fillet fish, ride a horse, harvest peanuts (thanks to my popa, Leslie Chappelle)
(13).  I devour Jazz, Rock, Country, 'House,' Classical and Gospel Music.
(14)  *bonus...  I'm NOT petrified by the number "13"; read the Bible and it tells you why!!!!!!!

STYLE FILE-The Runway Report:  Fall is commencing as I peg this post.  And, the 2013 Collections have masterfully supplied us with enough swagger to launch a intercontinental ballistic missile (*my wording*).  LOL!!!

See what defines this season before it hits the stores:  "Band of Outsiders" bang!

(1.)  Prada 101:  1920s-inspired dose of sartorial modernity.

(2.)  LV (Louis Vuitton) Dazzle:  Modern tech meets traditional luxe.                                    
(3).  Versace Johnny Weir-ish in-your-face peacock:  R-O-C-K & ROLL to this... 

On The Street:  Runway Reinterpretaion/Real Clothes:  Eccentric is what I drop dude...
Copenhagen, Denmark:  Varsity jacket-Navajo print-Bowler & a dashing eccentric
*photo credit/* 

Friday, March 30, 2012

'The FEW': KANYE and fellow ICON

I believe it was Chaucer that said "In spirit, once by a vision"-epitomized by outrageous Character and STYLE!  
1.  A priceless collection of vintage Hermes belts re-envisioned as a basket. 
 2.  A suit lined in a Cartoon print. 
3.  Possibly, "Couture" is scoffed at.  COOL! is a mirrored jewelry box NOW!  as attaché ...  No JOKE!!