Tuesday, July 17, 2012

STYLE FILE-The Runway Report:  Fall is commencing as I peg this post.  And, the 2013 Collections have masterfully supplied us with enough swagger to launch a intercontinental ballistic missile (*my wording*).  LOL!!!

See what defines this season before it hits the stores:  "Band of Outsiders" bang!

(1.)  Prada 101:  1920s-inspired dose of sartorial modernity.

(2.)  LV (Louis Vuitton) Dazzle:  Modern tech meets traditional luxe.                                    
(3).  Versace Johnny Weir-ish in-your-face peacock:  R-O-C-K & ROLL to this... 

On The Street:  Runway Reinterpretaion/Real Clothes:  Eccentric is what I drop dude...
Copenhagen, Denmark:  Varsity jacket-Navajo print-Bowler & a dashing eccentric
*photo credit/theurbangent.com* 

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