Friday, June 18, 2010

Why Don't You...

1. Wear all White this SUMMER!
2. Plan a real House Party & have it catered and hire a young up & coming DJ to spin music all night long...
3. Transform your bedroom room into a calm haven: clear the counter tops and floors, add some fresh flowers or live plants, store all clothing and shoes in your closets for once and for all!
4. Grill dinner this Summer: enjoy the extended daylight and dine on fresh fish, sun-brewed ice tea, and a cold crisp seafood salad
5. 'Adopt' a cultured elderly person into your family...a retired banker, a former model, a one-time writer, a past mayor- take them to lunch and get inspired 'to Be!'
6. Purchase a piece of Art work from the next Art Showcase, student bazaar, or local college open house-then watch your house evolve into your castle.
7. Decorate your son/daughter's room with them in mind: boys still like sports, animal & outdoor themes and girls adore princess, cartoon, & 'fashion' themes
8. Refine your vocabulary: There is no such thing as "Rich People." But, there are certainly individuals who live richly regardless of their income/tax bracket and that's all that is really important.
9. Realize that the greatest gift to give to children is their own identity: if they ever lose their way, Right is Right & Wrong is Wrong wherever you live in the universe!
10. Declare that Sundays in the SUMMER to be TV free! Instead, take in a evening movie, visit a major city, make it a 'family night on the town.'

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